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At the intersection of business model strategy, technology, and business development, The Business Engineer is the only official newsletter of, the leading blog about business model strategy and business engineering. The blog reaches millions of business people each year.


business innovation matrix!

The primary misunderstanding about business innovation, which leads to inaction, is believing that reinventing or innovating your business starts from technical implementations. Innovating in business means redefining value for your existing customers to understand how to enhance it. Or determining what new value can be delivered to new customers with similar needs. Or yet, defining a whole new set of values to be delivered to a new customer base. We can start the process by mapping our...
about 13 hours ago • 4 min read

speed vs. reversibility

The speed-reversibility framework is a simple matrix for decision-making (part of our decision-making toolbox!) to understand when to analyze scenarios before making decisions. And when moving extremely fast instead. As you dive into the entrepreneurial world, you might struggle to make things work. And as that happens, you start looking for resources online to help you out throughout that process. Chances are you'll stumble upon an article about making a sound decision by using data, and you...
1 day ago • 7 min read


In a time when capital has become much more expensive, we are witnessing a paradigm shift from growth at all costs to balancing out growth and profitability. This might seem trivial, but it's what's going right now with most tech companies that, for the last two decades, have not been profitable (with a few exceptions) to moving toward profitability as a key target for long-term success. In short, we live in a time of bootstrapping! Or where the customer becomes the key investor in the...
4 days ago • 5 min read

blitzscaling laws!

In 2007, a trio of brothers from Germany had mastered a playbook, which consisted of taking the most innovative start-ups developing in the Valley and copying and pasting these ideas in Germany/Europe.That playbook worked wonders as, over the years, the trio managed to create many multi-million successes.So much so that, by 2011, they applied the copy-paste playbook to travel by copying Airbnb.The playbook was straightforward; through their venture capital arm, the trio of brothers managed to...
6 days ago • 10 min read

counterintuitive entry strategies

In some cases, to achieve your long-term business goals, you have to do things that, in the short term, seem quite counterintuitive from a superficial look! This is the essence of business strategy... Let me explain! To understand the difference between tactical vs. strategic management, it's important to emphasize the difference between strategy vs. tactics.Whereas strategy is about long-term goals, tactics are the set of individual steps that can be taken in the short term to reach these...
7 days ago • 9 min read

business engineer's manifesto

In the last decade, I've been looking at thousands of companies, building from scratch a few tech business models, and, in the process, developing my own way of looking at the business world. I named Business Engineering (this is an entirely different view from the classic definition of it) to mean it is an intersection between three core disciplines: Business engineering is a way of thinking that combines various disciplines. Among these disciplines, there is business modeling, which helps...
8 days ago • 17 min read

context-based market entries

Business strategy is a choice of direction to grow a company's value in the marketplace. At the same time, the strategy might seem all about techniques, objectivity, and bound to the real world. It is also a matter of philosophy, in short, how the founder interprets the real world and thinks it will develop in the future. There are many ways to break down business strategy. Let's, perhaps, start with a simple break-down of business strategy in three core parts: Market entry (or go-to-market)...
9 days ago • 7 min read

NVIDIA and new AI paradigm!

NVIDIA is no longer a graphic computing company; it's an AI inference machine... How did we get here? Let's proceed in order. A quick caveat before moving ahead: no information in this newsletter should be deemed as financial advice! The analyses I send you are meant to give you some understanding of the long-term strategy of the companies I analyze, outside short-term stock price fluctuations, of which I don't know and don't care. I hope that if you're an executive, you can learn from these...
11 days ago • 8 min read

AI is the ultimate version of Google!

As Larry Page explained 24 years ago, "Artificial Intelligence would be the ultimate version of Google." He explained it so clearly, which makes it even more excruciating to watch, considering the position in which Google is right now, as potentially being disrupted from the outside rather than from within (as successful tech companies do to thrive in the long term). The processes and business forces shaping the ecosystem, which I'll explain below, will not happen in 1-2 years but in 5-10...
12 days ago • 9 min read

the economics of Airbnb

Airbnb has become a powerhouse from its humble beginnings as a couch-surfing website. How did we get here? Let me give you a quick refresher... Founding story Broke and unable to pay their rent, co-founders, and roommates Gebbia and Chesky decided to turn their apartment into a bed and breakfast, we're in 2007. The pair, who were designers, observed that a design conference in San Francisco had caused a severe shortage of hotel accommodation. To give their counterparts a place to stay, they...
13 days ago • 7 min read

At the intersection of business model strategy, technology, and business development, The Business Engineer is the only official newsletter of, the leading blog about business model strategy and business engineering. The blog reaches millions of business people each year.

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